"My experience overall was above and beyond my expectations. I personally received exceptional help and saved money because of the ELP program. Thank you Dave! I needed someone trustworthy and confident, through your program I found what I needed and more!"
Anonymous on November 24, 2014

"I was surprised to have such prompt attention yet very pleased to find each professional was working through Dave Ramsey steps themselves. They seemed genuinely committed to helping me. I will keep them in mind when making plans for my future. Thank you for your help."
Anonymous on January 19, 2014

"I appreciated the follow up from Brandon and his willingness to address my questions. He was conscientious and did everything he could to help."
Anonymous on December 24, 2013

“Brandon has been a terrific resource. We are very comfortable asking him questions and his expertise. He is a wealth of knowledge and works very hard to be of assistance.”
Valerie in Frenchtown, Montana

“I was thoroughly impressed with the service my ELP [Brandon] provided me. I felt like I mattered! Not only did I get a phone call, I got a follow-up email as well as a nice handwritten note and ELP info in the mail. The extra contact was unexpected, but greatly appreciated. Plus! I am saving 200 dollars a year on my auto insurance! THANK YOU BRANDON and DAVE RAMSEY! Keep up the awesome service and care.”
Naomi in Helena, Montana

“I was so impressed with the speed and professionalism with this ELP. I saw an ad on my computer and checked into it. I do not need to make any changes to my insurance at this time but would be glad to do so when the need arises. I am going to be recommending friends and family checking with Brandon to see if he can help them. I think Dave Ramsey can be proud to have this man on your team. Thank you. ”
Stephanie in Lakeside, Montana

“I appreciated the help of my Brandon. He was very punctual, friendly, and seemed to care about my situation. ”
Julia in Bozeman, Montana

“Brandon did a very good job with answering questions. He contacted me right away after I had inquired about an ELP, within a couple hours. Very easy to get along with, a great group of people in the office to deal with as well..”
Dan in Bozeman, Montana

“Brandon was on time, courteous, and professional. Not pushy, just the right amount of contact. We bought from him right away.”
Anonymous on March 2, 2013

“We used an ELP when we moved to a new state and needed a different insurance provider. We went to the phone book and saw many different agents. We tried to find information on different insurance agents and had difficulty. I remembered the ELP information from the Financial Peace University class and thought we would see if there was someone in our area. We put in our information and literally two seconds later he called. He promptly found what we needed. It was nice, especially not knowing anyone in this state, to find someone we could trust to do the best for us and our finances. ”
Anonymous on December 22, 2012

“Brandon was able to help me save an additional $80 on the same exact auto insurance with the exact same company I was with prior to calling Brandon. ”
Anonymous on December 12, 2012

“Brandon is very prompt, caring, and knowledgeable. I was able to save quite a bit on changing car and homeowners insurance. I was not unhappy with my previous insurer, just wanted to make sure I was spending my money wisely.”
Anonymous on November 24, 2012

“I was advised to what was best for my family. Brandon had my best interest in mind. Very nice guy and very helpful!”
Anonymous on November 5, 2012

“I emailed Brandon and heard the phone ring about three minutes after I hit send. Amazing service!! That pretty much sold me right away. And I got quick replies on all my questions. Really impressed!.”
Anonymous on August 27, 2012

“Brandon did an excellent job! Not only did he contact me promptly by phone, but by email and US mail as well. Yet, he did not come across as being pushy. He is very easy to speak with and is willing to go the extra mile!”
Anonymous on January 25, 2012

“Brandon saved me $1,100 a year.”
Katie in Darby, Montana

“Thank you so much for your assistance and patience in explaining all of this to me/us. Thank you for wonderful, friendly customer service. We are so appreciative! I am SO glad we switched companies (I mean REALLY REALLY GLAD! Thank you Dave Ramsey!) I am just glowing inside with the customer service you have provided to me. Thank you again and again and again!"
Alisha in Bigfork, Montana

“Honestly, the way you have handled our needs has been beyond words. Word of mouth is truly the BEST or WORST form of advertisement - who'd ever think I'd be tooting the horn of an insurance company but I sure am!"
in Missoula, Montana

“Brandon had my best interest in mind. I did not switch my insurance, Brandon advised me that the price I was paying for the coverage I was receiving really was a great deal!”
Anonymous on August 13, 2011

Thanks for all your fast and professional work.   I am impressed and really appreciate it."
Howard in Rollins, Montana

“Very professional and great service.”
Anonymous on July 25, 2011

"I appreciate your loyalty and help. Customer service is the #1 thing my husband and I look for in a business. You've exceeded our expectations."
Monica in Florence, Montana

"I truly appreciate the great service your staff provides.  Many agencies say it's the service that separates them from the other agencies - yours definitely stands above the crowd. I could shop around for slightly lower rates - might find them(?) - but don't, because of the tremendous service Brandon gives."
James in Missoula, Montana

"You see the commercials about only being a number...Well I want to be seen as not only a person but a person with a life and other needs...I don't want to think of my ELP as someone who is going to nickel and dime me...The ELP that I worked with was someone who took all that in to thought and treated me like I was a person with a view and ideas and needs. He was great he listened and even helped me above and beyond what he really needed to do...Dave would be proud!"
Anonymous on May 25, 2011

“Brandon found lower premiums for my auto and homeowners insurance so I dumped my old insurance agent. He was willing to do the work to find what parts of the insurance I didn’t need in order to save me money.”
Anonymous on May 7, 2011

“Having our insurance needs met by an ELP was more like dealing with a Christian ministry rather than completing a business transaction.”
Russ in Missoula, Montana

“Brandon answered my questions expertly. I am looking forward to these [insurance] changes and feeling better prepared for such unexpected events of life.”
Joan in Kalispell, Montana

“We are thrilled to have someone we can trust providing protection to our family in various ways. Thank you for explaining everything to me and providing some advice to keep us moving forward.”
Brian in Bigfork, Montana

“Brandon did a great job getting back to me and answering my questions. He also emailed me a few quotes to look at as well."
Anonymous on January 8, 2011


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